Monday, November 17, 2008

Life is not like an episode of "Charmed". At least everyone that I know, regardless of mystical experiences, has to lift their creamer to lighten up their favorite cuppa.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, life was similar to the television show "Charmed". I'll play! The first thing I'd zap out of existence is those annoying pop-out adverts that show up when you go to a new page. While scanning with your mouse for the link you need, they pop up on ya and are hard to make go away.

bibbity bobbity poof, already!

Now that the uncomfortable silence of zero posts is out of the way, lemme just say, I've been out of the broom closet for about 19 years. When I first approached my mother to confide in her about it, she gasped and blurted out, "oh my god, you've been hanging out with lesbians, haven't you?!". Well, yes but, not in the way she was thinking. But I mean gee thanks mom, what was that supposed to mean anyway? Anyway ...

I've been on a sabbatical of sorts. This one has lasted for about 5 years. After studying Wicca - Dianic and otherwise, Feri, Egyptian Magick, several Celtic traditions, and picking out bits and pieces of various earth based religions, I think I was simply burnt out. I had dove in head first when I was 14 ... that would be about 1983 ... and didn't breathe again until ohhh about 2002.

I had already been seeking when I took that dive but, upon seeing Laurie Cabot for the first time on a television talk show, I "knew". I just knew what it was I had been seeking out so determinedly. I dedicated myself almost immediately ... I think it was that night, I told Isis I was in her charge. She already knew it though since we had been "speaking" since kindergarten.

Honestly I haven't formally cast a circle in years but, I do it often in my mind. All you need is your body for tools and knowledge of your intent. Shazam ... you're in sacred space.

My witchcraft has taken a quieter role on the outside. But inside, it rumbles loudly. Being the anti-socialite I am, solitary suits me just fine. I do enjoy a romping public Beltaine ritual, or a silent Dumb Supper at Samhain. But in most cases my rituals take place when I am very much alone ... or when my 16 month old is sleeping ;)

Well, thanks for reading this far. If I had cakes and ale, I'd thank you properly. Life is happening so, it's time to close this but, over time I intend to share more ... of my recipes - cooking and herbal, ideas, chants, some spells, pagan and witchy event info and whatever else comes to mind :)

Feel free to comment or drop me a note anytime.

Bendithion ~ Blessed be.


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