Saturday, November 22, 2008

which bottles?

Witch bottles :)

I enjoy the tinkering that comes with doing a spell and Witch bottles are among my favorite type of spell to work. I think it must be the aesthetic aspect of it - the shiny bottle, the fragrant herbs involved, the colors and textures of ingredients. And putting it together, all while concentrating on intent can be relaxing too.

Below are just a few ideas for what to put in and different types of bottles one can use. The screw top is nice for obvious reasons. But the cork top can be sealed with melted wax ... which makes it even more "witchy" and official, IMO. Pomegranate seeds, grains of paradise, rosemary, pumpkin rind or seeds, salt, pins ... just a few options one can use to create an effective witch bottle.
Of course before creating, one should know why making a witch bottle is necessary and have the ability to visualize and focus intent while making one. Using a book to determine properties is nice but I'm a believer in the herb "telling" you what it wants to be used for. If all you have is roses and a book is telling you that roses aren't used for protection spells for dogs, and that's what you need ... if your instinct tells you it's right, it's right.

After your bottle is made and sealed, placement is also important. If I have made one to protect my home, I place it in a window. Hey, I'm a renter. No digging for me. "Don't worry the spell" is an important thing to remember but, I feel that giving my bottle a knowing smile as I pass it once in a while isn't going to harm anything.

If it's a serious matter of binding, for example ... bury that thing in the woods and let it go, if you ask me. Use your head. It's the greatest tool you've got.

Bendition ...


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