Monday, December 15, 2008

rain water

I'm on my way to turning off the beast and tuck into bed but, the rain made me wonder ... does anyone besides myself collect rain water? I don't collect from every rain - mostly storms or rains with lots of lightning with it. If I get real lucky, I catch the first rain of a season. I put out a few big deep bowls to increase my chances :) for whatever reason, this happens mostly at night? In the morning I would go out and bring in the bowl of water to run it thru an unbleached paper coffee filter ... lots of things can end up in rain water ... and keep the rain in a reused salad dressing bottle. Sometimes I use the rain in ritual, and other times I keep it to remember rains that have past.

I adore the rain. No matter how many days in a row pass and it just keep coming down, it's so cleansing and full of electricity. Love.

Tell me about your rain.


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